Sunday, 12 May 2013

Week 27

Things are still coming along.

A bit more drywall, some cement board on the floor of the washroom and the shower base is installed (a long story that I won’t elaborate on). The electrician has finished the rough in for lights, switches etc. too. The electrical inspector has passed everything so we can move on…and we now have potlights in the soon to be washroomJ
One ready to tile shower base

Huge celebration…the last sections of the chimney from the kitchen stove have been removed from the attic and roof, the hole has been patched on the roof and we now have nothing stopping us finishing the bathroom. Hooray! Massive thank yous to Murray for providing all the gear and expertise.
This chimney is going down!

Helllooo down there...


We’ve also weeded a bit around the patio/pool area. Someone from a pool company came out to take a look at the pool and said it looked O.K. We filled it a bit to check if it leaks and the level dropped a small amount so we repeated the process and it didn’t seem too bad. Now we’ve put lots in and I fear it may have a leak afterall L Time will tell. If it leaks then a new liner will be needed $$$, although a patch job might do to see us through for a bit.

The septic guys (remember them?) came back to tidy up and grade the soil but were hindered by the moisture (the guy was sinking in the mud in one spot so machinery wouldn’t fare too well!) They did a little but can’t finish until the ground dries up some more. They did a good job tidying up around where the trench for the well was dug though. It is all progress…

More flowers are appearing daily, the trees are greening up nicely and we’ll be mowing the lawn before we know it (JM did a trial run with Shabana and cut a little strip).

This one is my fave J

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Week 26

Yes, it is a significant week, 6 months we’ve had this house!  Looking back we’ve done a lot but at the same time I’d hoped to be further along by now. Half a year and still living in mess. JM says we're a tenth of the way through our 5 year plan...

The drywalling has begun! We started in the main bath and have done the bath alcove. We’ve also pretty much finished the little washroom too.


We installed a ceiling fan in the washroom and have marked the position for pot lights, we’re now waiting for the electrician to come and get those in.

The shower pan has finally made it here so we can now get that installed and plumbed in.
The lawnmower has been given a test drive, the pool cover is finally clear of water and the warm weather is just around the corner, life is good.


Wildlife still abounds including a black squirrel and blue jays which haven’t visited before. Kaiya also frightened a poor raccoon, she must have chased it up a tree because she was at the bottom barking at it and the poor thing looked scared to death! While fitting the bathroom fan in the attic we had a bit of a look around and where there is some bat poop on the insulation, we looked up and there they were, a little family of bats hanging from the ceiling! I think we counted 7 but it was hard to tell since they were mainly huddled together (don't tell Shabana!). Time to get some bat boxes..

We’ve also had our first signs of flowers, a single daffodil is open, along with a couple of grape hyacinths and a whole bunch of violas dotted around. Finally feeling like spring J