Friday, 19 April 2013

Weeks 22-25

Three more weeks, we’ve had sun, we’ve had snow and we’ve had an ice storm!
The weather picked up and we had a lovely day outside clearing up and trying out our new super long ladder. We had a “3rd Rock from the sun” moment when we all headed up onto the laundry room roof to enjoy the warmth and the view…

We also tried to empty the water from off the tarp covering the pool. Every time we got it draining, we had more rain and it filled back up again. We are hopefully getting an old sump pump from the plumber to clear it off.
The ice storm didn’t bring as much devastation as we expected based on neighbourhood trees, luckily we only lost a few branches and some flattened sumac. The power went out for 6 hours, which meant no heat and no running water, maybe a backup generator would have been a good idea after all.
 We plodded along doing subfloors for a while and we finally got them all replaced. Next was the framing… We put up a wall, started putting up another, noticed a mistake (we didn’t have all the crowns facing the right way) and took them back down again! Fixed the problem (or is it an opportunity?) then put the wall back up. After much measuring, sawing, screwing, checking for plumb, and overall building, the walls are up, hooray! We had to take the ceiling fan down (no great hardship since it wasn’t pretty) because it was right in the way of where the wall needed to go so now we have no lights in our work area.

The plumber came over to install some outside taps after we discovered that the tap outside had been cut off in the basement so we had no water running to it! Another mystery as to why the previous owners did what they did. I’ve stopped trying to understand the logic behind the things we find. We also discovered that the well which was decommissioned a month ago is still hooked up to the pump and bringing water to the house! I had asked the plumber to remove the old pipes and luckily he checked them before cutting them off. We would have had an indoor pool if he’d gone ahead and taken the pipes out. Now I need to contact the well company and find out exactly what we paid all that money for?
We’ve put the snow blower to bed and started up the ride on lawnmower, bring on spring!
After much deliberation we also decided to replace rather than fix all the eavestroughs and downspouts (that’s gutters and drainpipes to all my English speaking friends) so now tha rain will hopefully be diverted away from the basement a little better.
We had the building inspector visit and he’s approved the framing, he must have been here three minutes tops! I guess it must look good for him to not check anything, their next visit will be final inspection J  We can begin hanging drywall next…


  1. Love the view from your roof, it's going to be smashing in the early summer!

  2. Looking this room the masterbath...and if Callum had no floor where has he been many bedrooms are in this house....and why was the fridge in front of a window-who does that...maybe the previous owners ate the animals!! Wow, I am envious of all your fun.

  3. This is the main bath upstairs but we've made it like a Jack and Jill so we can also access it from the master bedroom. Callum has been sleeping in James' bedroom since we got here, JM and I have the music room (what would have been a dining room) downstairs. There are 4 bedrooms upstairs of which only two are currently in use. As for the fridge, we put that in front of the window when we moved in because there was a heat register in the corner we wanted it(it was too tall to put where the previous owners had kept their fridge) so we couldn't put it anywhere else until the heat register was moved.As for eating the animals? You never know!