Monday, 23 September 2013

Weeks 37-47

Weeks 37-47
Yup, it's been months!

Callum’s room got a final sanding then I started priming…first the patches of drywall compound, then the ceiling and finally the woodwork. It was only when I was washing the walls down that I realised that all of the trim was a pale yellow! How could I have missed that? I gave the baseboards, window and door frames and the two doors a coat of lovely crisp primer, they will look fantastic when the walls are done. The discovery for this project? There was a square of wall paper on Callum’s wall covering a chimney hole! I need to make sure it gets blocked off properly; I’m hoping to use that chimney in the future. His new flooring has arrived and will get installed when the bathroom is completed.
What could possibly be hiding under the wallpaper?
Oh, a gaping great hole!

We finally settled on what type of tile to put in the bathroom upstairs. Light grey and white marble on the floors, with a Victorian looking border. Plain subway tiles on the walls of the shower and around the bath to keep it clean and bright in there. I’ve almost finished installing the floor ones, the border made it considerably trickier but we’ll get there.

We ordered new windows and they are being installed right now! After hours of meeting with different representatives we chose the one with triple glazing; with the size of the windows and the type of house I think that was the best choice.

James and I recycled the old barn boards from the kitchen ceiling and have built a deluxe chicken coop and run. It took a long time because it was done in multiple short stints but we completed it last week and it is now inhabited. Three hens and a cockerel named Queenie, Bernard, Bob and Edmund (in keeping with the Blackadder theme) and we were blessed with our first egg today Kaiya just discovered them yesterday and went crazy! Those poor creatures are going to get no peace and quiet now...
In progress
The finished product!

Our new babies...
Meet Edmund

Being summer, we tried to spend time outside and specifically in the pool whenever we could. It wasn’t the usual hot summer but we made the most of it and next year I’m hoping it will get a lot more use.
The weeds on the other hand had an exceptional summer! They loved all the rain and us not keeping on top of pulling them all out. The mowing did get done regularly and the garden was beautiful. The nicest surprise has to be the magnificent hibiscus bush out the back! It looked gorgeous for weeks.
View from the laundry room roof.

Lastly R.I.P… The vacuum has given up the ghost, as has our dryer. We’ve replaced the laundry pair but the central vac still needs to be installed so we are constantly having to sweep. The shop vac has certainly come in handy…

Summary, slow progress. It’s a 10 year plan, right?

I saw this squirrel climb the tree with the apple in it's mouth then it had a nibble and left it.

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