Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Week 18

And we’re off again!

The electrician came back to do some more work, he’s moved a kitchen light, changed the location of the bathroom fan switch so it is near the door (rather than at the far side of the bathroom) replaced the bathroom plug receptacle with a GFI, moved the switch for Callum’s bedroom light( so it’s not hanging down from the ceiling anymore) and removed an extra light which wasn’t needed. The latter was a very messy job up in the attic and he came down covered in insulation. He also discovered a spot where he found bat poop, (yes, bat poop in the attic, ewww! ) He brought a dead, dried up bat down to show me but before I got a chance to view the poor creature Kaiya ate it (double ewww!) Now I shouldn’t be surprised because she eats everything but really? Bleurgh!

The plumber finally made it out to hook up the new well J We have great water pressure now and this means the well guys can come back and decommission the old well. Fill that sucker in! Although cool to look at and being a piece of the home’s history, it is also a safety concern so I’ll be happy when it’s gone.
The old stone well, soon to be filled in...

The plumber also began roughing in the plumbing for the bathrooms upstairs which is soooo exciting!!! We’ll be able to put everything back together again and move our bedroom upstairs. The downside, he opened up an exterior wall to run the new vent, only to find it has no insulation, only the brick and some parging. We thought we may have to remove all the lath and plaster, possibly reframe, and insulate; something that wasn’t part of the plan. It would also mean that I’d have to try and remove the window frame while keeping it intact to drywall the wall.( Most of the trim is held in with huge nails so it might end up splintering L ) I spoke to the building inspector and he said that because it is a reno on an older home, we just need to patch it right back up, no need to panic after all J The inspector came out to look at the plumbing and found a low spot in the drainage so the plumber has to come back and remedy it…
The makings of a bathroom...

The HVAC company came and installed new ductwork in our bedroom, moved a floor register in the kitchen (so we can move the fridge away from blocking a window) and ran a gas line for a future gas stove. At our old house we ran a gas line and eight years later we still didn’t have a gas cooker, let’s hope we get one before we move from here! One of the guys cut his hand pretty badly on the duct work and lost copious amounts of blood, he wrapped it up and carried on working all day, what a trooper. When they came back the next day to finish off I found out he ended up getting three stitches.
Lovely, shiny new ductwork, no more baseboards heaters in our bedroom to be...

My job this week was to punch a doorway through into the closet, which will become the new upstairs washroom. Lots of mess and dust again but it feels like we might be getting somewhere. One step closer with each job…I also started removing the door trim to try and reuse it.


Before and after= more mess
We’ve ordered some building supplies J

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