Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Week 17

A slightly less busy week this week.

The electrician came back and installed pot lights in the bathroom, we discovered in the process that the ceiling in the bathroom has lath and plaster, wood panelling and then a layer of drywall! Who knew? He also finished off the electrical work for the septic. I was under the impression that the septic company would be taking care of that but it seems not, so I’m glad that our electrician was able to hook it all up and make it good. The septic guys came to check it was all working so we are finally finished! Hooray! We can check it off the list.
Bathroom potlights

I went along to the Township office and put in our planning permission application. I know most people wouldn’t even bother since our taxes will go up once we install the new bathrooms but I’d rather keep things above board. It will take about two weeks then we can start the major building project JUPDATE: it came through already! We can start building walls and roughing in plumbing and electrical.

The only other thing I did was remove the remaining parts of the bulkhead in the kitchen we started way back. The frame was nailed into the wall with 6” nails so it wasn’t going anywhere fast! After hammering, levering and angle grinding I finally got it done.

JM and I put some new battens up on the kitchen ceiling in preparation for drywall in the future, were thinking of getting a drywall guy in to do that what with 9 ½ foot ceilings and all.

Still waiting for the plumber to hook up the well…

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