Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Week 13

Yes it seems to make sense to switch to weeks now. We’ve had the place 12 weeks already!

Septic system- the tanks are in, they are moving soil around and making lots of mess. Because the ground water is very high, they have had to add another tank (more expense) to follow code. They also had to remove many more small trees to change the direction of the bed to the point that I feel it was too many trees L They ripped up a lilac tree that I was looking forward to seeing and we have practically no privacy now. I mentioned to the foreman about the lilac and he’s replanted it but I fear the frigid temperatures will have killed it.
Tanks in!

Less trees
More dirt
Mounds of soil

The plumber came out late at night to hook up the septic tanks so they are good to go…

We also moved in this week, we finally have all our stuff here!  Furniture everywhere and boxes piled up but they’re here.

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