Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Week 14

The septic system is almost finished (hooray!). The gravel has been laid in the bed and the third tank with pump is hooked up and ready to go. It should pass the final inspection tomorrow, fingers crossed.
Almost done!

We got a call to say the well would be coming today but no sign of the well people. In preparation for the truck to drill the well we had to remove a few sections of the fence at the side of the house. JM made easy work of that J
The gate has gone

Big gap in the fence now!

Another thing we did this week was replace the tap in the kitchen. It has been dripping since we’ve been here and sometimes it still flows after it is turned off! I tried replacing the washer but the one I had to replace it with was a tad too big, I don’t think the original one was a standard size. I think it looks much better…


A bit of demolition this week too:  I took out a section of wall in the cupboard under the stairs to create a new doorway for the bathroom. Currently the bathroom opens into the kitchen( gross!) so we are going to change the access to the hallway via the cupboard under the stairs and eventually have storage in the corner of the kitchen where the bathroom door is right now.

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