Monday, 4 February 2013

Day 74-84

Things are still moving pretty slowly but we’re going in the right direction.

All the floorboards in the two rooms upstairs have finally been taken up and removed from the house, although the barn is filling up quickly! We’ve cleaned between all the floor joists, removed some more redundant wiring and eliminated all traces of mouse bedding ( there were a few nests dotted around). The rooms are now ready for heating, electrical and plumbing , we can apply for the permit just as soon as the septic system is complete.


And taking about septic, the guys turned up one day to clear away the chopped down trees and take another tree down. It seems that the reason they stopped work was that the County came out to inspect the site and decided that they needed a permit for the temporary driveway they create to bring the trucks and machinery in. Instead of ripping up our lawn they drove into the overgrown area which I thought was a great(and considerate) idea, who knew you needed to apply for a permit? They are here as I speak(type), the old septic has been pumped out and removed, there is a gapping great hole in the ground but there is a lack of new tanks as of yet. I hope they get them in soon, fingers and legs crossed J
Digging for oil?

JM, Callum and I have removed the old drywall in the kitchen, including what I would deem an unneccesary bulkhead, amidst much dust and mess. A vast improvement and the kitchen looks so much bigger! Once we get new drywall up there it will feel like a completely different room.

 Smily from the drill

 Reciprocating saw to the rescue!

 Crowbar action


We had a quote from the HVAC guy and were pleasantly surprised, I expected it to be more so he’s coming at the end of the month to give us heat where it is lacking. I also had a well guy round to give us a quote and we’re going ahead with drilling a new well soon. We’ll have to take down some of the fence to accommodate the truck but I’m fine with that (it’s practically falling down anyway!)

On the wildlife front, a few more birds and one rather brave raccoon! I was in the kitchen and Kaiya ( our dog) became excited, I looked out and saw a raccoon on the mat outside our kitchen door JWith all the fuss Kaiya made I’m not surprised it scarpered, it disappeared up a tree.

 Raccoon tracks...

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