Monday, 25 February 2013

Week 16

This was a busy week.

The well company came and set up their truck to drill our new well. We had to sacrifice a few tree branches to get the drill in place but it wasn’t too severe. Once it was set up, it was an all day process. Thankfully they didn’t have to go as far down as we initially thought based on neighbouring wells so that was a bonus ( saved us over $3000!) only 124 feet. There was grey water being spewed out all over our lovely white snow so it looks messy but will be worth it. They came back the next day to take the drill down and capped the hole.
Drilling the new well
We reached water!


A few days later the well guys returned to dig a trench to the house, bore a hole through the foundation wall for the water line, install a pump in the well and a tank in the basement. We went with a continuous pressure system so we will not have to deal with sporadic full on then trickly water in the shower J
Water tank for well pump

The plumber came to replace the old UV system and softer, he installed the UV and a reverse osmosis system but hasn’t been back to add the softener yet. Once the plumber hooks up the water supply the well will be up and running.

JM and I took down a wall in the laundry room to see what was behind it and to see what condition the plumbing was in. We found smiley wallpaper under the door trim and a strike plate that was held in by 6"nails, talk about overkill! At first we intended to build a new, insulated wall for the area but since it is brick we have decided to build a half wall to keep the brick exposed. I think it will look really good.

We also opened up some holes in the kitchen ceiling to install pot lights. Much mess and a few challenges but we got them in and were excited to be making progress. Part way through, I had to buy a new blade for my zip saw. I bought a Dremel one which lasted just a few holes before wearing smooth, which I wasn’t too impressed with, so I took it back and they gave me my money back. I couldn’t believe it! I replaced it with a Bosch one which lasted much better, I guess it pays to buy better quality.


We had our electrician put an exterior plug socket for part of the septic system, install a switch for the well and hook up all the kitchen pot lights. The kitchen is so much brighter now J He seems to be doing a good job and his prices are fair so I’m happy with him.
 We have lights!
And just for fun...icicles!

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