Monday, 5 November 2012

Day 2

I headed to the house early and anxiously awaited the Asbestos Abatement company. The decision to buy the house after discovering the presence of asbestos wasn’t an easy one. With the health risks associated with it we knew that even though it was left undisturbed we didn’t like the idea of it lurking in the walls, so it had to be removed. 8am came and went, then 9am… it was only at 10am I was finally able to get in touch with the guy who admitted that he had no knowledge of the appointment! He wrote it down on his notes weeks ago when he came to give me a quote, what to do? He spoke to his boss and booked an appointment for tomorrow first thing. It was disappointing but what can you do? I cleaned, walked the dog and kept myself busy for the day waiting for my 3pm appointment with a plumber…3pm came and went, then 4pm, what is it with these people? I phoned the plumber to find he was at home, he said our appointment was for tomorrow not today. He thankfully came anyway and as he was approaching the house confirmed that in fact our appointment was for today, a slight oversight but he was here and that was what mattered. We checked out the mishmash of old and new and decided the lead had the go, cast iron stack should stay, the rest was acceptable but most importantly we can add another bathroom upstairs exactly where we want it. Phew! Life with one bathroom (off the kitchen) and five members in the family just wasn’t going to cut it so when we get the cash, a bathroom rough in is first on the list. Time to head back to the 4 bathroom house and appreciate the plumbing while we have it.
The laundry room became the dumping room for boxes...

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