Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Day 3

I left the key for the Asbestos Abatement company and they were almost finished by the time we arrived in the morning. It was contained to one redundant heat duct so it was a couple of hours work then done! Was are now asbestos free! I’ll sleep better at night now, no more scary stuff hiding in the walls...

Next on the list, removing the old dishwasher the last owners left behind, simple right? You would think so. The screws holding it in place were punched through the body of the dishwasher, not where I expected at all and of course they were rusty and stiff. We dragged it out all gloved up, the local mice had made a home in the batting around it and left their nasty deposits all over, and we tore it all out and cleaned up the floor underneath ready to install our own dishwasher. Space too small, out with the reciprocating saw! Holes in the wrong place, out came the saw again. After a very long time of feeding water lines, wiggling in and out and frustration we realised that we definitely couldn’t reuse what they had. We headed home tired and defeated. We bought a new 6’ braided hose and will get it hooked up tomorrow. Another day down with not too much accomplished(although the bath also got caulked too), maybe tomorrow will turn out better…
Before(with asbestos)
After(asbestos free!)

The sun came out,yay!

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