Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Day 21

Yes, day 21! We had the house a week then went on holiday so no work has taken place for a while. I stopped by yesterday to empty the letter box and have a look around so I was eager to get stuck in today. The living room patches are sanded and primed ready to paint. More patches in other parts of the house got sanded and filled but the majority of my time was spent painting the office/music room ceiling and stripping off wallpaper. I only took off the vinyl layer but it looks so different! The living room needs to get finished first but this room definitely has to be next on the list. The plan is to run a strip of wood high up to hang guitars off, so many ideas rattling around in my head…  

 JM stopped by for lunch( reheated in the oven since we have no microwave yet) which is a first for him, even at school he was never able to go home for lunch!
After lunch I put together a design for the upstairs bathroom, headed to the township office to get planning permission only to find that both inspectors were out of the office, so it is delayed until I can get back out there. Time flies when you’re having fun…

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