Monday, 19 November 2012

Day 6

Where is Day 5 you ask? I decided that I will need to skip the days I wasn't at the house but continue counting the numbers of days so I can gauge how long it took me to reach certain goals.


It wasn’t a full day but we managed to get quite a bit accomplished. First job of the day- clearing gutters. We didn’t realise until we were up on the roof of the porch that the top layer of water which couldn’t drain away due to major leafage was frozen! We grabbed what we could (ice and leaves) until we got the water trickling enough.The gutter was a bit loose towards the centre so JM tried to fix it on better without too much success.  We then worked our way to the front porch. They must not have cleared it for a while since there was about an inch of brown sludge that we had to shift with a stick, eww…
Next was taking out the rest of Callum’s wall except for the light switch. Much mess was created but it feels like we’re getting things done. Boy, did my arms ache after that!  Lastly I patched and filled a few holes in the walls left from nails etc. Another day done.

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