Friday, 11 January 2013

Day 59

Today was the first day in a week we did anything in the house. We figured we’d get started back in Callum’s room so we took down the remaining part of the partition wall, thanks to the reciprocating saw it took practically no time at all J. We lifted a floorboard to try and patch where the wall had been only to find the joists were all different heights! Why was I not surprised…Now we have the choice of ripping all the floorboards out and starting again, or leaving it as a sub floor and covering it up( that of course would be the quickest and easiest option).
The remaining wall has gone, now to fix the floor...
And the ceiling...

We had a friend come over and we showed him the house, with experience in the building trade he may be able to help us with our sill plate problem, hurray! We’ll see what happens there but it left me feeling a little more hopeful that we can move on and get it done soon.

Next, we moved on to our future bedroom area: The floor in there has been opened up in so many places and the boards are worn so we are definitely taking those out and replacing with a nice sturdy subfloor ready for new floors, hopefully hardwood in our bedroom and tiles in the bathroom (that we need to create). We started taking up the boards and it was tough going at first, they are ¾” pine and nailed in with 3” nails. We were battling with them for a while when we realised it would be easier to take them up in the opposite direction so we needed to try from the other side of the room. We could make our lives a lot easier if we replaced the baseboards too but they have so much character I don’t want to lose them. After our experience taking them out in Callum’s room, broken, splintered and not in the best shape to reuse, I decided it was best to leave them in place in our bedroom. The drawback to keeping the baseboards in place was that now we needed to cut all the floorboards flush at the baseboards and the reciprocating saw couldn’t get close enough so we stopped for the day and I’ll pick up a tool that can do the job we need tomorrow.

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