Friday, 11 January 2013

Day 60

This morning JM and I removed the remaining barn boards from the ceiling in the kitchen and what a difference! It is so much brighter in there now, despite fact the hidden drywall underneath is tobacco stained and gross. Who would have thought nasty drywall would be an improvement!  It took us a while and I had to stop to head to town for a bit but it was finished in the afternoon and I’m so glad. I picked up a type of zip saw so we tackled the floorboards in our bedroom again and this time we could go all the way to the wall. We managed to do quite a few, in fact we ran out of space to put the ones which had been taken out and that determined when we stopped work. A productive day today J
Kitchen ceiling without barnboards, now we need to rip down the drywall and start again.

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