Friday, 11 January 2013

Day 65

A gap where 6 trees once stood

I wasn’t at the house today but it was all go! I missed it but the septic guys started clearing land ready for the septic system. They had to take down 6 trees, remove branches from many more and flatten a huge area. I had a good look around the next day(I got home after dark) and it was quite amazing what they had done. There is a massive hole in the ground which must be at the furthest point of our property which will be the weeping bed I assume. A friend who has always lived near here said that the land to the side of our front garden had never had anything done to it as long as she could remember, well it has now! What a difference. It makes me want to plant our garden now…
I can see through to the brush, lots of space for planting.

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