Friday, 11 January 2013

Day 67

Post gig morning was very laid back and slow. When you get home at about 4am the rest of the day is out of whack by a few hours. Breakfast at around 11am and the morning was done. We were going to head out to run errands when we had an unexpected adventure. The dog had gone in the laundry room and must have knocked the sink because it pulled the water line out and we had an instant indoor pool! JM heard it gushing and ran in to find himself standing in a huge puddle, argh! I rushed downstairs and frantically scrambled to get the water switched off. If the room had been empty it wouldn’t have been too messy but of course it was piled high with boxes and stuff which all needed to be taken out and dried before we could deal with the water.

Action stations! We flung down old towels, Callum and JM took the stuff out, I gave it a quick dry and then I was able to suck up most of the water with our bargain shop vac, thank you kijiji for enabling us to get that deal, it was worth every penny! Once the majority was dealt with we looked behind the sink, removed the sodden insulation which is supposed to protect the pipes then looked behind the washing machine…pandora’s box! There was an icicle about 8” high coming up from the floor. I knew it was cold out there but seriously? The previous owners obviously knew about the leak from the washing machine because there was an old (frozen stiff) T-shirt behind there too.

Since we are planning on insulating that room in the future I didn’t want to waste energy heating it but I can’t take the chance that pipes will burst so I begrudgingly turned on the baseboards heaters. JM got the water pipe to the sink reattached, he tightened the hoses to the washing machine and I mopped the floor. I think we’re good but that is now going to have to be a priority to fix up. I ran the washing machine later in the day and it seems to be good. Crisis over J

Highlight of the day, we got our first bird on the bird feeder, a red cardinal

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