Friday, 11 January 2013

Days 68-73

Things are moving slowly and I’m doing much the same each day so this will be a block entry.

We are continuing to cut the floorboards around the baseboards in what will be our bedroom, a bathroom and Callum’s bedroom. We’ve taken up more floorboards and moved a huge pile of them out to the barn. JM was doing a great job and making good progress until the blade broke on our new saw! I bought another and it seems to be holding out but we are certainly putting it to the test J I’ve taken out all the disconnected knob and tube, removed redundant plugs from the baseboards ( the boxes were 17 cents each from Canadian Tire, that must have been a long time ago!) and dug out an old chimney that must have been originally from a stove in the kitchen. The chimney was encased in old brick and plaster not to mention mouse droppings…
Old chimney hidden in the floor
Floorboard free

Our bedroom, all floorboards are up! 

 Callum's room


On the contractor front, the septic guy seems to have fallen off the face of the earth (multiple phone calls and nothing!), the HVAC guy has yet to get a quote to us (9 days now…) and because of sickness Brett (my friend who I’m hoping will help with the sill plate) has been unable to make it out either. This house is definitely a lesson in patience. I’m used to being go, go, go and now I have to slow down a little and wait for things to come together.

Breaking news: Our other house has SOLD! Now we can get moving on work here since we’ll have some money freed up very soon  J


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