Sunday, 2 December 2012

Day 30

Went up the house in the morning and cleaned the wood stove in the kitchen. I took some pictures so I can post it on the internet and sell it. I love the idea of it and I’m sure it kicks out a ton of heat but the size of it doesn’t fit in with our plans for the kitchen so it has to go. Next stop, the office…I finally finished scrubbing down those walls! The sun was streaming through the windows so it was a hot job but who doesn’t like the sun in winter? It seemed to make the job much more bearable. I spoke to the electrician, if we are taking out the fuse box I need to take advantage of the space and replace the sill plate behind it at the same time. That is the only structural job that needs doing in the house, the rest is updating mechanical systems and cosmetic finishes. JM and I are very wary of the amount of work that may entail so we’re going to try and find a contractor to do it for us. I was finishing up cleaning the office walls when I got a message- JM was on his way over. He brought noodle soup and baby bok choy so we had a delicious lunch together, such a nice surprise J After lunch I began patching the plaster in the office, at this point I was fairly sore so it wasn’t the neatest of jobs but the cracks were covered and I can always sand it down… another day under my belt.

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