Friday, 14 December 2012

Day 42

Slight glitch in getting to the house today, my car decided it didn’t really like heading the direction I was taking it on the ice so it decided to take me for a spin onto the verge between the feed on lane and the expressway! Not what I had planned…  A quick stop at Canadian Tire to get the underside of the car checked out then I was back on the road. Now I really want to move up there… More painting today, Shabana’s walls got another coat and it looks way better but I’ll give it one more coat to finish it off. Clean up then painting the office walls. It’s funny that I thought both colours were kind of beige yet on the walls Shabana’s looks more yellow and the office is kind of a mushroom colour. I guess a little paint chip can be deceptive. Another day with not enough time.
Second coat of paint in Shabana's room

First coat in the office

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