Monday, 3 December 2012

Day 34

Today was the big reveal as far as the septic system. The guys turned up on time (makes a nice change) and we checked out the septic system. The tank is OLD, they said handmade which is never a good sign. It took all of twenty seconds to find out that yes, we need a complete system. Am I surprised? Not at all, unfortunately. We checked out the well and the areas around to find the best spot for the new system. We need to make sure everything is within regulations.They need to take a soil sample to best determine the appropriate system then we can go ahead and get our permits, hand over a ton of cash then flush to our heart’s content J I did a little sanding then joined JM for lunch at his work to fill him in on the news. Back to the house, more sanding and filling walls then I gave the office floor a light sanding ready to prime and paint. Even with an electric sander it took a couple of hours. Time to clean up and then home…
Floor sanded and ready to paint

Scary looking septic

Ewwww! In the septic tank...

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