Friday, 14 December 2012

Day 39

We decided that today was the day to take the wood stove out of the bedroom. With a little help from the boys and their friend Anthony, it was somewhat dismantled and relocated in the laundry room for the time being. Reassembled and the boys’ work was done, they headed outside to start another fire while we got on with painting. We managed to get the ceilings in Shabana’s room and the office painted in almost no time at all. The boys headed home with Shabana and JM and I then tackled the smaller jobs-firstly, starting the snow plow. JM filled it with petrol, followed all the instructions and nothing happened! We noticed a plug area so we plugged it in, tried again and success. It turned over, hurray! Now we can prepare for the onslaught of winter… Next was JM’s attempt to remove the stump from the large shrub we had taken out by the laundry room. Armed with an axe and a pickaxe he went all out…much chopping, levering and digging later and we had hardly touched the thing! It was not budging so we declared defeat and will try again when we have a chainsaw J  Preferably in the spring when it is a little warmer. We searched the perimeter of the property for markers of the boundary and only found two so we’ll have to get the survey out and measure to get an accurate placement of markers. It is nice when we can get more done, I’m looking forward to moving up to the house so we can be there fulltime.
Where the wood stove used to be...

Caught in the act- JM painting

Muddy footprints thanks to the dog!

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