Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Day 35

First on the list today was cleaning up the rest of the plaster in Callum’s room. There wasn’t too much, we had already taken away six boxes. It only took a little while, I now have five boxes to take to the dump and I can see his floor again J  Next was a bit more sanding in the office then painting(priming). I managed to finish all the cutting in before lunch with JM. As we were eating he saw our first squirrel outside, but not just any squirrel, a RED squirrel! How cool is that? We raced to the window to get a better look. I can’t believe it has taken 5 weeks to see any signs of wildlife… After lunch I primed the office ceiling and walls. The plaster is so smooth, the primer went on really well and quickly. Got to love that! Now the writing on the walls is most definitely gone but will not be forgotten. We’ll print off the photos and frame them as a reminder. Clean up then home.
5 boxes of plaster and the floor is clear!

Ceiling and walls primed, the floor is next...

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  1. Loving the updates on the new/old home. House looks gorgeous so far. Can't wait to see the finished result.