Monday, 24 December 2012

Day 45

Today was the big reveal as far as the septic system. The guy came over and boy was I glad I was sitting down! Of course it was more than we expected but it’s a top of the line system - I’d certainly hope so at that priceJ  JM was off work so we decorated the Christmas tree, tidied and mopped ready for our Christmas celebration.  I left him alone in the house for his first time while I picked up the kids and he had an experience we were hoping to avoid... He was sitting and reading when he heard the scratching or scurrying of a rodent, I guess the mice have moved back in for the winter! Just wait until our cats get here, they’ll chase them out of town!  The whole family was there for dinner, the tree looked beautiful, we watched Christmas DVDs, then the tree fell down (eek!) Much glass was broken but we got the tree fixed back up and continued our celebrations.

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