Sunday, 2 December 2012

Day 31

James didn’t have work today so he came with me up to the house to help. I got started on the sanding while he grabbed some breakfast. It turns out that sanding is his least favourite job at work so he didn’t hang around doing that for too long!  I was filling the walls while he sanded the ceiling then he moved everything out of Shabana’s room and began patching the cracks in her ceiling instead while I continued to sand. I got a message to tell me that Callum was knocked out of his wresting competition L . Change of plan, I decided to leave early to pick him up. James and I shifted three boxes of plaster from Callum’s room into the car and headed home. Time for me to make some phone calls- No luck with the contractor about the sill plate. I spoke to a septic guy and booked an appointment for Monday morning, success! If we can get the septic sorted then we can put in for planning permission for the new bathroom J
Office - Cracks filled and ready to sand and prime

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